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100 Paintings for $100 at The Chester County Studio Tour

  • Randall Graham Studio 222 e king st malvern United States (map)

I will be offering 100 different original paintings for $100 each during this year’s Chester County Studio Tour. My Studio is #23 on the tour map. It is located on the second floor of Gallery 222.

Years of sketches, scribbles, ideas and experiments have added up. I prefer they live in a collectors home than in a pile in my studio. These paintings are incredibly important to my process and are representative my uninhibited artistic voice.

They are mostly oil, mostly on paper, mostly 5” x 7”ish or 8” x 10”ish. All unframed.

Some are rain paintings studies, some are color studies, some are landscape notes, some have paintings on the back, some have haikus on the back, some have my 4yr old son’s drawings on the back, some have grocery lists on the back, some of them suck, some of them are brilliant, all of them are fun!

I will be posting preview pics of them on this page leading up to the event. You are welcome to purchasing any paintings I post before the event...just let me know and we can arrange the payment and delivery.

As an even bigger bonus...purchase 3 of these paintings for $250. They look better in groupings.

Lastly, when purchasing one of these...remind me to sign it😉

Thank you!!!

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